Monday, April 27, 2009

Custom Flower Soft

An idea hit me today. I haven't seen this before, but surely someone else has tried this too. I picked up some Ivory Flower Soft today. I would love to get more colors, but the price adds up so quickly. Then it occured to me to try to custom color it. Guess what? It works! I put some of the Ivory in a small container with a few drops of different alcohol based ink refills. I used Copic ink, Papertrey Pallette ink, and Tim Holtz Alcohol ink. All if them had nice coverage. And now I have colors that match my projects! Here's a photo:


BethieJ said...

LOVE this idea... so gonna try it.. THANKS for sharing!

Monica-FC said...

how cool is that and it saves uou money also. thanks foir sharing this.

Stampmouse said...

very cool idea